Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New at this...

So I have never blogged before...but I figure it is about time to begin. Now that I have graduated and have so much "free" time, I figure I can make use of it.
Welcome to Adventur-Us!!

Me and my pup Maggie Mae (okay maybe not so much Maggie because she is a scaredy-cat) tend to be a little adventurous. Maggie is still getting used to people and is kind of a chicken, not to mention she gets a little over-excited so she is still learning how to live the life of adventure. As for me, I have quite the life that is full of my own little (and big) adventures; many of these adventures are on-going, for instance finding a job, others are short lived weekend spurts, most of which are spent with my incredible boyfriend (who I'm hoping will continue to be an on-going adventure rather than one of those short lived!) Here is an intro to my current adventures:

Moving on and moving away...

Graduation 2010

I have recently "graduated" from East Carolina University (Go Pirates!) with a degree in English Education and am looking for a job as a High School English Teacher :) No, this does not make me perfect at grammar and editing, so don't hold my correctness to too high a regard...PLEASE!!!

I have lived in Pitt County, North Carolina for my entire life and feel that it is finally time for some change. Most people grow up somewhere, go to school somewhere else, then come back to live. Well, this isn't to say I won't come back to Pitt County, but for now...I need to move on. I feel that I have achieved all I can here in Greenville and that it is time to move on in my life to a place where I can meet new people, continue to make a name for myself, and find new adventures around every corner...starting to see a theme?!

My goal is to get a job teaching in a rural area of Wake County and move to the general area. Yes, this does but my closer to my boyfriend, but for all those skeptics out there I actually like Raleigh...now. To be honest I used to think it was just a big city with lots of people in too big a hurry for me to ever find a place there; however, after having been introduced (yes, by Jason) to the various aspects of the Raleigh area, I have been proven wrong- very wrong! I could go on about the cultural, environmental, career, etc opportunities presented in the Raleigh area, but I won't; you can find those out through what is it come!

Job Search...

This is not an easy task and that statement on it's own is quite the understatement. I love teaching! I had an incredible internship and through programs such as my Teaching Fellows Scholarship, I have received a lot of training. The problem is, with this wonderful economy we find ourselves in, the career path which has always boasted phrases such as "teacher shortage," "there will always be jobs for teachers," etc has found itself in the same position of every other job field out there. Wake County in particular is on a hiring freeze; for those of you who are not positive what this means, I will explain. Most counties do not know until the end of July, beginning of August what their budgets will be, post-poning hiring until this point. Well, for Wake County right now, they may know that they need a position filled, can interview and find the perfect teacher for their school, but cannot even promise a position to any searching teacher until the freeze is lifted. Quite the waiting game.

What this means for me? Right now, I will continue to submit resumes, applications, transcripts, licenses until someone says, "Ms. Dennison, we would like for you to fill one of our English positions." That is the sentence I long to here!

My boys...

My favorite adventure and primary reason there is an "us" to my adventuring would be that of Jason and Jasper! Maggie and I have found quite the pair! Maggie doesn't get to go on many of our adventures yet (as detailed above), but I am sure she will reach the point soon that she can go on a few more! Right now our main adventures take place on the weekends. There are a few reasons for this, work and distance being the primary two. Jason lives in the Raleigh area and I live in Greenville, putting us about an hour and a half apart. Bummer, we know. So we spend our weekends alternating back and forth. Greenville, Raleigh. Greenville, Raleigh. Occasionally, we through in an Asheville, Nashville, Morganton, or other such amazing place, to our alternating weekends. Now that the blogging has begun, there will be a more comprehensive detailing of individual adventures, but for now I will supply just a few highlights for your enjoyment!

Jasper, Jason, & Me on our first adventure together: Asheville
(also the first of MANY waterfalls...)

The Four of Us at River Park North

December 18, 2009-

There are definitely many more posts to come and so many previous adventures to catch you up on. Hopefully I will figure this whole blogging thing out and be able to make it all cutesy and fun. We shall see! Looking forward to sharing more adventures with you soon!