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Jason and I have decided to open an Etsy shop, which we have decided to name "AdventurUs Creations." We thought it'd be fun to link to our Etsy shop from here because we plan to "continue" (more diligently!) the blogging of our never-ending projects.  Thus, we plan to include the projects we sell on Etsy, so customers can see the various stages of completion, and so others can be inspired by what is to come.  I am often inspired by what others have created, and then I have to try my own rendition.

Although not all projects posted will be for sale on Etsy, it will still be a fun way to show our creative progress.

We plan to start small, but with Jason's degree in Entrepreneurship, we hope AdventurUs Creations becomes only one of many businesses endeavors we encounter on our adventure together.

Feel free to stop on by our shop and take a look around!  We're still learning the ropes, but we're eager to do so!

Much Love,

AdventurUs Creations' J and C

Below are some of the many pallet projects that have gotten us to this point! Take a look around and don't forget to check out our shop (when it opens later today!)

Pallet Projects:

                    Monogram Sign                                                             Outdoor Hanging Sign

            (can be hung in- or outdoors)

  Picture Frames             

Indoor/ Outdoor Hanging Signs



Scarf Rack

Outdoor Sign and Post

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  1. I'm so excited for your shop to open! I love all your projects but Victoria's is a fav for sure. :)