Wednesday, June 22, 2011

" boldly go where no [me] has gone before."

3 days ago a got a phone call. An incredibly exciting, good news bringing, make me want to sing kind of phone call. This call started with small talk and then proceeded with an offer, an amazing, unrefusable (not really sure if that is a word) offer.

You are now reading the words of a Broughton High School teacher (again!) Yay! I am absolutely stunned that I was re-offered the position so quickly, seeing as the budget has not even been approved yet. With all my excitement, there is also a bit of disdain :( I could be (and most likely will be) teaching a couple 12th grade classes this year. Scary; those kids are huge! As a begin to prepare and work to calm my nerves, I will begin to blaze new trails in the world of Cassie. I have taught 9th grade English, I have taught 11th grade English, and I have even taught 12th a Study Skills class, but I have never taught a 12th grade English class. Let the adventure begin...

As part of my new assignment, I figure I might need to brush up on my British Literature (puke,) since in college I only begrudgingly read the assignments for my Brit Lit classes. Oh does that take me back to failed quizzes and angry, prejudiced teachers-all stories for another day. Now my reading must begin. Let's see what kind of reading list we can pull together:

  • Pygmalion- never read
  • Macbeth- read and really enjoyed
  • Beowulf- never read
  • Canterbury Tales- love!
  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde- never read but very interested in!
  • 1984- never read
  • A Tale of Two Cities- never read
  • Meditation 17- never read
  • Shooting an Elephant- never read
  • Rosencrantz and Gildenstern Are Dead- never read
I must say I have my reading list cut out for me for the rest of the summer. Not to mention, I really need to refresh a lot of my 9th Grade lit, specifically some of the supplemental texts that Wake County uses. Anyone have any suggestions on which to start first? Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and A Tale of Two Cities are definitely at the top of my list :) I am very excited and will definitely keep you updated on the adventures I embark on through text!! to buy books!

Enterprising Ants

Less than a week to closing!

Now the To-Do List really begins; we need to do lots and lots:

Buy the part for our fridge
Get a washer and dryer
Get utilities put in our names
Get all my furniture from Greenville
Clean (the current house and the new house)
Get the yard cleaned up
Get the survey done
Oh yeah, and maybe take care of the insects encroaching on our home!?!

I've been in the process of researching, trying to find out what is best for killing AND for preventing further population AND not hurting us or our little Jasper pup :( --Not the easiest find.

I think I have found the best for keeping out and not hurting the pup: Ortho Home Defense Max.
At my parents' house we have always had ant infestation, but after my mom started using this product a few years ago, there have been no problems. My parents just respray each spring or summer before the ants start setting up shop, and there are no problems for the rest of the ant season! This product (and its customer reviews) state that while wet it is extremely harmful to pets, but that once it dries, it is no longer harmful. This condition on its toxicity could be a slight issue for some, but since we are spraying and treating prior to moving in, we don't have to worry about it being an issue for our little Jasper!

We do still have to figure out what to do about the ants that are already selling off real estate in our house's nooks and crannies. We are debating a bug bomb, or fumigator, but we have found poor reviews so far. It just sounds so convincing: "Bug Bomb." All I can think of is explosions in the walls and little ant bodies flying everywhere. We definitely want them gone, and we definitely don't want to pay for professional treatments, but we can't seem to find a product that delivers. Please Help!!

Let me know if you have any suggestions or know something that works for on-sight ant slaughter...