Monday, August 23, 2010

I got a job. I got a job. I got a job!!!

Epic Fail in the world of blogging, that is what I am!

I officially moved out of the house I was renting on July 24th and I have been living at my parent's house ever sense. I cannot believe it has been a month sense I reverted to less-adult ways of life. Broke, living with my parents, and apparently un-hire-able. The three best ways to describe me at the moment don't really hold out much hope as to my moving to Raleigh or to my getting a job, or my surviving. Ha.

The job hunt has been more than stressful, although I do have to admit that I have had a few exciting moments along the way...

I have applied to, um let's see...
Person, Leesville, Sanderson, Enloe, Broughton, Southeast Raleigh, Southern Lee, Bunn, Cummings, Franklin Early College, Graham, Granville, Heritage, Hillside New Tech, Millbrook, Phoenix Academy, Roanoke Valley Early College, Rolesville, Southern Vance, Wakefield, Williams, Fuquay-Varina, Clayton, Halifax Early College, Southern, Franlkinton, Southern School of Engineering, East Wake School of Engineering, East Wake School of Integrated Technology, Durham Performance Learning Center, West Johnston, and Panther Creek (just to name a few!!!)
Now technically, two of those schools I didn't officially apply to on my own, they actually contacted me and asked me to apply because they somehow got my name and were interested in interviewing me. One of those also passed my name on to another school! I only interviewed at three school, two of which were those who contacted me on their own and one of those two actually offered me a job!!

So if I got offered a job, why is it I have remained jobless, you ask?! That would be because I turned it down...sometimes through the power of prayer and faith, you just know that something isn't right-and this was the case here.

I freaked out, prayed, got a blessing, and was all better :)

While at my parents house, I have felt completely useless, standing still while everyone waits for me to leave. Well, now it is time.

I finally got a job :)

Sylvan Learning Center. Although this is not the job I was searching for, it is none-the-less a job and one that can help strengthen my resume and make me more marketable for next year!!

So I am "living" in Raleigh. A better term for what I'm doing would probably be "extended sleepover!" Thanks to some amazing people that love me, I have had somewhere to stay ever since I got a job here in Raleigh and I plan to get a place of "my own" as soon as I can increase my funds enough to do so.

It is hard for me. I am not the person who typically goes forth without a plan, yet here I am, without much set ahead of time, changing day to day what is going to work to get me by so I can continue with the overall plan. If all goes well, in a year (or less) I will have a classroom and students and be living my dream!...but until then, I know I am at this point for a reason and I am glad that for once in my life I didn't wait to have everything figured out before I made a move. Not having everything taken care of to a T for once has definitely helped increase my faith and helped me to truly see my Heavenly Father's hand in every aspect of my life. Like a normal person, there are always aspects of belief that I struggle with; however, I do know that my Heavenly Father loves me, protects me, and guides me. I know that the Holy Ghost, the Book of Mormon, and the Prophet are all concrete proof of those facts and I am so glad that I have a family who, even though sometimes begrudgingly, loves me and supports me no matter what.