The Beginnings

For all the projects that got us excited about the possibilities but that never got blogged, this page now exists!

Below you will find the odds and ends of many projects that helped make AdventurUs Creations possible.

We hope you enjoy a look at our progression!

**This page will likely take some time to fully complete, but here is what we've got so far!

Over my Spring Break (March 2012) we began our Master Bath Renovation.  Our main focus at the time was redoing our shower (because it was minuscule) but I also managed to convince my husband that we should paint! {I hate the paint in our house, and he hates to paint!-- We make quite the pair.}  We recently (over Thanksgiving 2012) finished painting the rest of the bathroom and completed this beauty of a mirror frame.

 ...No we haven't added a new light bar yet, and this one is almost completely disassembled- don't judge...

We used a basic tutorial I found on Pinterest as our guide, but we (obviously) took the whole mirror down for attaching so we could actually clamp the pallet (yes, pallet) sections to the mirror.

The only other change we had to make from what may be included in a typical tutorial was cut outs for the silver mirror clamps.  We "just" measured, then chiseled out the wood to leave room for where the wall clamps would actually latch on the mirror.

It truly creates what I prefer to call a Country Cottage feel to our (now) luxurious master bath! {By far my favorite room in our home}

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