Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Honey, I want...

What started as occasional comments of "why is there no light over our sink?," and "uh, there is too much space here" has turned into ANOTHER PROJECT!! Yes!

Ever since Jason's idea to make my mom a mantle for her birthday, we have become crazy DIY-ers! Most people live in a world where home-make-over projects are long, lost wishes and there are hopes of maybe one day "sprucing things up." Well, the Edwards live in a world where (although long-awaited in some instances*cough*our shower*cough*) the wishes never get lost and do much more than spruce!

Here a couple pictures of some of the projects we have done so far.

Mom's Mantle

Our new lighting/projector encasement/valence

These are the two main projects we have completed at this point. After the projector case turned out so well, we started planning for a lot more projects, and we bought a great deal of wood. It was at this point also that Jason constructed my square foot gardening boxes.

Since our confidence was up, it was a great time to embark on another project, so we began to fulfill my pleas for over-the-sink lighting. The lighting isn't actually in yet, but everything is made, painted, and pieced together.
We actually got up early this morning (and somehow I still made it to PLT by 7:35) and put on our last coat of paint so everything would be ready to assemble by this afternoon. Below are some of the beginning stages. Start to "finish" took us 3 days-not bad for a constructive hobby!

Learning As We Go

While Jason was learning to use a router (and a screwdriver)
I was learning the imperative value of primer and letting
paint dry! All joking aside though, Jason did an amazing
job, and he only messed up in the last scene because
he was trying to surprise me by having it all done
by the time I got home from work today...and
he most certainly succeeded! Love him!

As far as the finished project goes, I am incredibly impressed (as usual) with our mad skills. I am also very grateful to our Heavenly Father for allowing us to work so well together, even through our moments of frustration, we are somehow able to pull together something that makes us feel good and makes our home look amazing!

I love our projects, and I love our life!