Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What a Weekend

I think our weekend finally ended today.  We have had an amazing past few days.  Here's a rundown:

Friday- Hobo meals and s'mores in the fireplace and an indoor game of Extreme Croquet (if you haven't heard of it, it's because we invented it) with 2 awesome couples- a little date night of sorts.

Saturday- We spent all day (yes, all day, as in 12 consecutive hours) working in our back yard.  We have decided that we should start utilizing our acre and a that's the plan.  First step was to move our shed. (The problem was, after a little more forethought we realized that even though moving the shed was the first task we wanted to accomplish, actually moving the shed requires lots of steps before it.  Check out the time lapse to get a glimpse into our chilly Saturday.

Sunday-Although I was home in bed sleeping off a migraine for the 3-hour expanse of church, my selfless husband sacrificed his sanity to teach my Primary class of nine 10 and 11 year olds- yikes!
When he got home I was feeling much better and we took the opportunity to "meal plan" for the week.  We cooked up a lot of food, including banana cake and my first successful loaf of bread in our ($2) breadmaker!

Besides Primary, my headache also made me miss one of my students competing in the Rotary Against Drugs Speech Competition.  She placed 3rd in our region out of 18 students who were there and won 50 bucks!  I'm a proud little teacher- great job, Amber!!

Monday- This used to be our night for FHE (Family Home Evening) and business meetings with our neighbors, but due to N's awesome new work schedule we've shifted to Tuesday.  That gave us the chance to hang out with another awesome couple that couldn't make it to our Friday night fiasco.  B made some awesome crockpot chicken bbq (no, not bbq chicken, chicken bbq, silly) and corn on the cob while we caught up on our beloved Once Upon a Time.  Our poor husbands just had to "suffer" through it with us, ha!

Tuesday- Our new FHE and business meeting night!  I am truly loving this.  Jason got on a financial/ business kick a few months back, so we started listening to audio books on these topics.  Since then, our neighbors have picked up the fever too, so we are working together to glean as much knowledge as we can, then share it!  Right now we are reading Get a Financial Life and discussing (like a little book club but with a financial theme!)

Our business meetings are definitely one of the highlights of my week; it actually feels amazing to have homework and be accountable to someone.  Yeah...I might be a teacher through and through.

TONIGHT- The end of my weekend.  Jason is at Scouts and I am home (in need of grading tests) and procrastinating through blogging.  Good, but not quite weekend worthy.

After a 5 day "weekend," I have to say that I am excited to have extremely productive, incredibly fulfilling evenings more often.  Try it out; I highly recommend it!