Monday, October 18, 2010


I have decided that in between my big posts detailing our crazy excursions, maybe I should try to keep up with the just as crazy, little moments of adventure that help make life go round!

Most recent "Crazy-but not so-Little Moment": Broughton High School

I was offered a job at Broughton High School two weeks ago! Although I will be on a terminating contract, this is certainly the opportunity of a lifetime.

I know that this great blessing comes from trusting in the Lord and obeying his commandments. By showing I have the faith that obedience brings blessings and the faith that he will provide for me, I moved to Raleigh and now have the amazing opportunity to teach at one of the most prestigious public high schools in the area.

It is true that those who exercise faith and make the steps they can, will be truly blessed. I am.

As I embark on the adventure of a "big girl job" I will keep the world updated via a new addition to this blog that I am making called "Ridding myself of the Stigma" hehe. In case you don't understand, I want to no longer be referred to as a "first-year teacher" and the only way to do that is to teach for my first year :) Yay!!