Friday, January 25, 2013

I Really Wanted an Infinity Scarf

Anyone who knew me before I met my husband knows that I had a spending problem. A serious spending problem.  When Jason and I started dating I was literally getting collection calls from the credit card company.  It was awful.

2 years into knowing my amazing man, I got that credit card paid off and had taken a lesson or two on thrifty spending from the hubby-to-be.

Now that we've been married for almost 2 years, I have learned not only how to be a thrifty shopper, but a thrifty blog-follower.  Ladies like this one, inspire me.  I often shop at second hand stores and yard sales, but not for clothes that are perfect the way they are (because I'm not dedicated enough to dig through piles to find that rarity) I search for fabrics that I love and can someday transform into something that I love!

Needless to say, I have been collecting lots of items like the ones described above without actually doing anything with those items.  Last week I decided to wreck that trend and get 'r done!

Last week's project was a sweater I got in a $0.10 big bag of clothes, a too-tight tank top I never wore, 
an old stretched out hair tie, and two buttons I got in a big $0.50 bag of buttons!
Via this tutorial,

...Became this.

Tonight's (yes, in one night) project was a 58" x 8" piece of material left from a project from 
last Christmas, and an old lace valence I got in that same $0.10 big bag of clothes!
Via this & this,
...Became this!
 I can't tell you how excited I am that I just made this scarf for under a dollar! Ha! Plus, I just love it!

Hope you have a productive icy night too!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

We Have a Winner

Two posts in one day- I think the world might end.
We just announced the winner of our first Giveaway!  Just in time for Valentine's Day, a lucky "liker" of AdventurUs Creations' Facebook page won this super cute pallet plaque!

Check out our Facebook Page to stay up to date with all our shop happenings!


Day 3

Wow! Today is day 3 of having the Etsy shop up and we are LOVING it!  No, we haven't sold anything, but just running (or rather attempting to run) a business together as a couple is a blast! We both have our roles to play and we get to help each other as we go.

I have very quickly discovered that the hardest part of owning a business that sells things I like is HAVING TO SELL THINGS I LIKE! Ah! It is so hard to post an item that I am truly in love with.  This is my favorite item we have for sale:

The warped, grayed wood is a feature I adore, not to mention this is one of my favorite phrases, and isn't it just so befitting for the "AdventurUs" spirit in us all ;)

Even though selling will be hard, I do love having the extra decor around the house! 


Monday, January 21, 2013

The Big Day

Yay!  I couldn't be more excited (this week) than I am today!  Today we plan to open our Etsy Shop: AdventurUs Creations.  I would like to add a link here, but since we haven't officially opened it, it wouldn't actually take you anywhere...sadface.  Don't worry, I'll come back and add the link later today!

***Update: We are UP and running-

We have decided to use the blog as a personal link between us and the Etsy shop, that way people can see some of the things we do just for fun, and have some background on what has lead us to opening our shop!

I am using "The Beginnings" as a way to photo-document our process from regular-old-couple to crazily-creative-couple.  Who am I kidding? The crazy part was always there...well, and so was the creative part really, we just had to find and unleash it!  This page will bean on-going addition of all the projects we have done leading up to this point.

AdventurUs Creations uses pallets to make rustic home decor.  Our focus is pallet signs, but we also make pallet plaques, frames, and blocks.  We started out toying with "signs" we wanted around our home, like this one we hung outside our house:

Then we started giving them out as presents, like this monogram sign we made when our friends S&E got hitched!

So hop on over to "AdventurUs Creations" to check out what we've done and to get an idea of some of the projects AdventurUs Creations will be selling.  We are super stoked to share our love of all things rustic with the world!

--J and C