Monday, May 20, 2013

Organization Motivation

I love trying to find new ways to organize, yet I am probably the most disorganized person I know!  I've found that the best way for me to motivate myself to complete this is task is to make my organization decorative...For lack of a clear explanation, I will have to use pictures to illustrate my point. {Can you tell I just finished teaching my 9th graders how to be punny?}

A few weekends ago, my husband took our neighbor J out to the Father-Son Campout since Jason was taking our nephew.  This left me and J's wife to girl time!  {I love having girl time as adults...yummy dinner, crafty time, smoothies, and yard sale-ing! Score!}  While N was busy making bandanna bibs for their little one, I decided I would try to make some organization motivation.

Organization Motivation at its finest:

I have since completed a few more motivational pieces.  Don't these just scream, "Fill me, FILL ME!"

We also sold our stand and replaced it with a bookshelf for now.  The plan would be to return the bookshelf back up stairs where, yes, it was already occupied and build a custom shelving unit here...We'll get around to it I'm sure.

Remember that yard sale-ing I mentioned? My spoils are featured below:

what a deal
What helps you stay organized?