Monday, February 24, 2014

Jason’s Acts of Kindness: January



North Carolina’s winter has been especially snowy so far in 2014.  People often think of emergency workers during snowstorms because they are out, often risking their safety, while the rest of us get to cuddle up by the fireplace with the ones we love.  During the storms, this cute cartoon circulated Facebook, reminding us that linemen are out working to restore power to those who lost it.  And that’s not all- there are so many other businesses that require their employees to be out during storms because they provide a service that is vital.  One such business is generator service.  Most people think of generators being a luxury, but for pharmacies, hospitals, assisted living homes, generators are a necessity during bad weather.  Hurricanes, tornados, blizzards, and other storms can all knock out power leaving these facilities helpless {not because the lights are out, but because equipment like respirators won’t work without electricity.}

With those hardworking generator technicians in mind, a care package was assembled and sent to National Power Corp, the company where Jason was employed as a generator tech before he passed away.  Hopefully a few hands {or heads, or feet} will be a little warmer in Jason’s name this winter {after our 70 degree days diminish again!}



  1. I absolutely LOVE it! What a great poem, too. Jason is smiling. :D

  2. Awesome Cassie! What a wonderful gift to share with them. You and Jason think so much alike. :-)